Kratak vodič za crowdfunding za online izdanja

Objavljujemo kratak vodič u 7 koraka kako da poboljšate finansiranje svog online projekta (magazina, informativnog portala i sl). Tekst je dat na engleskom jeziku, a kompletan članak pogledajte klikom na link izvornika.

In the spring of 2013, we raised 1.7M dollars with a crowdfunding campaign for our Dutch journalism platform De Correspondent. Two years later, we still receive invitations from conferences, students and journalists to talk about how we did it.

We feel flattered by these requests. Yet we’re way too busy with our current challenges to honor them all. Our goal of growing our member base to 50,000 requires all our attention.

But De Correspondent wouldn’t exist without our 18,933 crowdfunding backers. That’s why we wrote this guide to journalism crowdfunding. In the hope it might even inspire you to start your own campaign.

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